BabyGund is the infants and toddler range from Gund. This range is a complete line of products for infants and toddlers, babyGund is dedicated to offering the very best in all things baby. From the softest, most imaginative toys, to a wide variety of products that encourage developmental play, babyGund helps little ones grow.

For older children, some of the toys also include sounds and animation to simulate the child’s senses. Other products such as the Play Sets have different toys in them that encourages different types of learning.

  • Launched in 1991

    With over 20 years of experience in making specifically toddler soft toys, and 100 years in manufacturing soft toys, they are reliable in producing quality goods

  • Safe For Babies

    Toys do not contain any plastic hard parts and are made from a super soft plush material

  • Award-winning Toys

    BabyGund has garnered the following awards:

    • Top Fun Tillywig Award
    • TOBY Industry Choice Award
    • TOBY People’s Choice Award
  • Guaranteed Quality Of Products

    Recognised worldwide for the quality of their products

Why BabyGund For Your Store?

Products from BabyGund will be suitable in all maternity stores, florists, toy shops as well as lifestyle shops.

BabyGund is also one of the few brands in Singapore that specialises in toddler soft toys, making this a unique brand to bring on board.

Their products are suitable for toddlers up to 3 years of age.

Price Range

Baby Gund products range from $15.90 for an animal rattle to $49.90 for a Playset.

View the full range of BabyGund products here: