Bullyland Singapore


About Bullyland

Bullyland is a company founded in 1973 and based in Spraitbach, Germany, known worldwide as a manufacturer of hand-painted collectors’ models and figurines. Their toys are made of latex and are PVC-free and phthalate-free figurines which are safer products for children and the environment. This is in contrast to similar products made out of plastic.

Target Audience

Bullyland Toys are great for kids.

Is Bullyland Suitable for you Business?

If you run a kids related business, yes!

What Makes Bullyland Special?

Bullyland toys are made from non-PVC items making it better for children and the environment. Bullyland also has a wide range of animals, mythical species and licensed figurines that appeals to both boys and girls.

Price Range

Bullyland products are priced from $3.90 for assorted mini figurines to $39.90 for a double headed dragon.

View the Bullyland collection here: https://www.natures-collection.com/brand/bullyland/