Gund Singapore

About Gund

GUND is a manufacturer of plush stuffed animals. The company is based in Edison, New Jersey, and distributes throughout the United States and Canada as well as in Europe, Japan, Australia, and South America.

The company is best known for its line of Teddy bears, and holds or has held licensing agreements with companies such as The Walt Disney Company, Sesame Street, Uglydolls, Boo, the World’s Cutest Dog, Grumpy Cat, and Pusheen. It has won multiple awards during its 125+ years and was also the face of a United States Postal Service stamp.

What’s so Special about Gund?

Gund has been in the business of soft toy manufacturing for over 100 years. They have an established track record when it comes to making quality on-trend plushes. For example, in 2017, Unicorns have been identified (and verified by customers) to be the on-trend, popular product with kids.

The Gund range of products is also extremely wide spanning thousands of SKUs.

Target Audience

Soft toys are normally purchased as a gift. The typical Gund buyer would either be a father/husband buying for his children or his spouse or a mother buying for her children.

Is Gund Suitable for Your Business?

Gund soft toys fit in to business that has a gifting or toys element. Gund also often comes up with thematic collections making it suitable for occasions such as Easter, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

The Gund brand would be considered more “posh” and upmarket. Businesses targeting this market will find that Gund toys will reinforce that position.

Price Range

The price range of Gund for 7 inch plush toys and above are between $24.90 to $49.90. The jumbo soft toys can cost upwards of $100. In terms of retail selling price, Gund would be considered more expensive as the material and product range is superior to other brands.

Smaller items start from $14.90.

Top 3 Gund Products

  1. Snuffles Bear
  2. Rexie Tyrannosaurus Rex 13 in
  3. Philbin Teddy Bear

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