Prime 3D

Specializing in lenticular 3D printing; Prime3D transforms one dimensional images into stunning 3D imagery, and in turn, brings products to life.

The Prime3D products that we bring in are Howard Robinson’s puzzle series. Howard Robinson is described as the artistic master of adorable designs with animals, wild and tame alike, that cheer people up. Having worked in the art licensing industry for over 25 years, his delightful images can be found reproduced and giving joy to many, on numerous products globally.

You can find a wide range of designs (be it mammals, aquatic creatures, exotic wildlife, or even a single animal), from 48 pieces up to 500 pieces for a puzzle! One of his popular puzzle series is the animal selfies series, where he portrays animals with wacky and adorable facial expressions!

  • Images Come To Life

    Lenticular printing of puzzles creates depth and illusion that the images move

  • Award-winning Puzzles

    Prime3D has garnered the following awards:

    • Toy Shop UK 2016 Independent Toy Award
      Howard Robinson 3D Pet Selfie Puzzle
    • Toy Shop UK 2017 Independent Toy Award
      Howard Robinson 3D T-Rex Puzzle
  • Fun For All Ages

    Fixing puzzles can improve children’s problem-solving and motor skills; yet is still a fun challenge to adults as well

  • Guaranteed Quality Of Products

    Prime3D is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer which specialises in 3D lenticular printing

Why Prime3D For Your Store?

If you are a toys store or a gifts shop owner, puzzles are a great addition to the products you have. Besides, Prime3D specialises in 3D printing of the puzzles, thus making the animals in the puzzles seemingly come to life! This provides a unique and fun puzzle-making experience unlike other jigsaw puzzles.

Department stores and bookstores may also want to stock up on these puzzles, as they add variety to the products offered. Besides, all ages will enjoy fixing these puzzles so it can appeal to a wide base.

Price Range

The price range of the puzzles are $10.00 to $19.00, an affordable price for a good quality puzzle. Depending on the size and number of pieces, the price of the puzzle differs. For instance, 48-piece, 63-piece and 100-piece puzzles all cost $10.00, while 500-piece puzzles cost $19.00.

View the full range of Prime3D products here: