Pusheen is a cartoon cat who is the subject of comic strips and sticker sets on Facebook. Claire Belton and Andrew Duff created Pusheen Cat in 2010 for a comic strip on their website, based on Belton’s parents’ cat. Her name stems from the Irish word puisín, which means kitten in Irish.

Contributing to Pusheen’s success was the fact that it was one of the first set of Facebook stickers to be introduced in the Messenger App. Today, 15-20 million Pusheen stickers are used on Facebook daily. Pusheen stickers often depict the fat cat eating, laying down or doing other funny actions. This resonates strongly with the Millenial generation in using gifs/stickers as part of their everyday communication.

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    Plush manufactured by GUND, with over 120 years of experience

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Why Pusheen For Your Store?

Our Pusheen products are primarily aimed at 15 – 25 yr old females. However, we do also see a large female collector base up to the ages of 45.

If your business is crafty, lifestyle-esque and attracts females aged 20 to 45, then you should get Pusheen products for your store.

We have the largest range of Pusheen products in Southeast Asia, from plush toys to figurines, stationery, cushions, mugs and other lifestyle products. As such, your store will be filled with a great variety of products.

Price Range

Pusheen products on average range from $15.90 to $45. However, extra big Pusheens such as the Jumbo Pusheen can cost up to $700.

The higher average price of Pusheen products is due to the authenticity of the products. We order only from the official manufacturers: GUND (plush); London Europe Group (cushions); Hamee (squishies); Enesco and Blueprint (lifestyle).

View the full range of Pusheen products here: https://www.natures-collection.com/brand/pusheen/