Sunlemon is a Japanese plush toy brand established in 1984. With over 35 years of experience, you can trust in the quality of their products. Equally important to the quality, Sunlemon’s mission is to warm the hearts of those who choose their products.

As they mainly produce stuffed animals, they make sure to pick out the distinct characteristics of each animal and capture them in their plush versions. Sunlemon also focuses on the cuteness and style of all their product designs, contributing to their popularity over the world.

  • Large Variety Of Designs

    Pups series features 14 different dog breeds, and the Kitten series has 13 unique cat breed designs

  • Adorable Product Design

    Emphasis on the cuteness of each design, which people are guaranteed to love

  • Many Unique Animals

    Various series, such as Fluffies, Nadekko Zoo and Hug Hug which adds up to a total of 71 products

  • Guaranteed Quality Of Products

    Internationally recognised, 35 years of experience

Why Sunlemon For Your Store?

If you are a children’s store, gifts shop, toys store, or department store, Sunlemon is a good brand to invest in. They pay attention to the detail of each type of animal they manufacture, down to the specific characteristics of each species. For example, their Pups series features 14 different dog breeds, and their Kittens series has 13 cat breeds.

Furthermore, Sunlemon’s plush toy designs are extremely adorable, so children, teenagers and women alike will all appreciate them!

Besides stuffed animals, they have chubby cushions and petite plush keychains as well. Hence, these series are also suitable for lifestyle shops.

Price Range

Sunlemon products range from $12.90 to $49.90. While keychains start at $12.90, the average plush toy’s price is $29.90. The Sitting Dog/Cat series, which are life-sized plush, are the most expensive at $49.90.

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